PLB focus on product basic R&D, we have in-depth research to reach the innovative breakthroughs. With the core of battery cell and pack safety and reliability, pursuing superior performance. Each product contains hundreds of model calculations and DOE experimental verifications.


PLB establishes a highly automated cell and battery PACK production line, excellent battery manufacturing process technology, implement strict quality control standards, a complete battery cell and battery PACK quality traceability with MES manufacturing execution system, BDM battery data management system.


PLB focus on industry technology innovation. Effectively meet the differentiated and rapidity needs of global industries and market. The company has the core technology and intellectual property rights of independent products, and continues to innovate and optimize.

Typical products

PLB is committed to creating highly safe, highly reliable, adaptable and durable battery cells and battery PACK products with excellent performance. According to the different needs of customers in different industries, PLB has tailor-made products for customers with technology, quality, cost Comprehensive competitive solutions.

Certification Qualification

Power Long Battery has passed the certification of an authoritative third-party certificate authority, and the entire series of battery cells and battery packs has been certified by an international authoritative institution.