Electric Bicycle Battery

Part number of electric bicycle battery:

50.4V 15Ah NCM Battery

Features of E-bike battery:

• Power Lithuim-ion battery Pack
• Use in E-bike, Scooter, Pedelecs, Segway ect
• Protection IC,stable working
• Long running life, High stability, Low maintenance costs
• Easy to carry by handle design
• IP54 Rating
• High capacity density to have a range of long miles on a charge
• Low-power consumption,Long standby time
• Portection with Overcharge / Overdischarge / Overcurrent / Short circuit / temperature protection to ensure safety while using
• RoHS eco-friendly design
• Packapproved by IEC62619/UN38.3 certification
• PCM & cell double protection to ensure the battery safety

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1.Specification of E-bike battery

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Model50.4V 10Ah NCM Battery
Model Capacity15Ah
Minimum Capacity (0.5C,A)14.7Ah
Rated Voltage50.4V
Max Charge Voltage58.8V
Cut-Off Voltage39.2V
Standard Charge And Discharge Current7.5A
Max Continuous Charge Current15A
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Max Continuous Discharge Current20A
Weight (Approx. Includes Case)~5.5Kg
Impedance (Max, At 1000Hz.)≤50mΩ
Charge Method (CC)6A(58.8VCut Off)
Charge Method (CV)58.8V(0.6ACut Off
Operating Temperature Charging0℃~45℃
Operating Temperature Discharge-20℃~60℃
Operating Temperature Storage-20℃~45℃

2.Bock diagram of E-bike battery

The product adopts a pure hardware protection scheme, same port input and output, supports single-cell voltage monitoring function, temperature monitoring function, current monitoring function, and equalization function to ensure stable performance, safety and long-term use of the product.

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3.Outline Drawing of E-bike battery

Mold opening process, streamline appearance, glue sealing process, support IP54, pull rod handle design, easy to carry and install, actual size: 367.5mm*190mm*90.3mm, small and exquisite.

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