Battery Module

High power density,Stability and long service life

Characteristics and advantages of Battery Module

Lithium Starter Battery

Product Features of Lithium Ion Battery Module

• The product is widely used for emergency power supply of various electrical equipment in the power failure state, and can also be used for emergency power supply devices that provide centralized power supply for various lamps such as emergency lighting or emergency alarm systems in the event of a fire in a building or other emergency situations.A wide variety of applications for replacing lead-acid batteries.

• Multiple safety management strategies: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection. Charge/discharge over-current protection, charge/discharge over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, fault diagnosis and alarm.

• RS485/RS232 serial port dual communication isolation design.

• Automatic identification and real-time communication with various terminals.

Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pros and Cons

Safe And Reliable

• Comprehensive battery intelligent management, multiple safety monitoring, protection and fault alarm.

• Low internal resistance and flow force circuit design.

• Reinforced insulation design to meet the impact of high voltage surges above 4KV.

• Passed IEC62133, UL, UN38.3 certification.

How Long Do Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Last

Super Long Life

• The initial performance of the cell is consistent, the charge and discharge dynamics are consistent, the high and low temperature characteristics are consistent, and the charge and discharge curves are consistent.

• More than 10 years long life.

• Intelligent system sleep, low power consumption, strong endurance.

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