Lithium Ion Battery Storage


Characteristics and advantages of Lithium Ion Battery Storage

Lithium Ion Storage Battery

Product Features of lithium battery storage:

• Widely used in PV ESS industry, household ESS and portable power station etc.

• Light, high energy density, detachable and easy for transportation.

• Solar charge and compatible with portable charger.

Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

Safe And Reliable

• The performance of lithium ion battery storage is very stable with battery equalization and thermal management, shock-proof and explosion-proof functions.

• Used battery cell that are more secure and can meet the EV regulations.

• Passed IEC62133, UL, UN38.3 certification.

Lithium Ion Battery Storage Systems

Supper long Life

• Reliably consistent initialization performance cell, li ion battery storage has great consistent performance of charge and discharge and attenuation.

• BMS has intelligent balanced management that could enhance the lithium storage battery life.

• The calendar life is more than 8 years, and the cycle life of lithium ion storage battery is more than 1500 times.

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