Lithium Starter Battery

High power,High performance,High safety

Characteristics and advantages of Lithium Starter Battery

Lithium Car Starter Battery

Product Features of Lithium Starter Battery

• Lithium starter battery is widely used in motorcycles (such as motorcycle starting battery), farming machines, tractors, automobiles, trucks, ships, diesel generators, forklifts, bulldozers and other construction machinery to start, as the replacement of lead-acid batteries, with higher temperature range and capacity.

• IP67 protection level, can adapt to various of harsh environments.

• Conform to ROHS and 94V0 fire-prrof insulation protection materials, and the internal heat dissipation design of lithium starting battery is safe and reliable.

• Tight internal structure design, strong anti-shock ability.

Lithium Car Starter Battery

Super Power

• Low internal resistance main power circuit design.

• 30C high rate LFP Cell.

• With IEC62133, UL, UN38.3 Certification.

• Widen temperature range, high output power interruptly.

Lithium Battery Starter

Super Long Life

• Cells with high consistency in original characteristic, charge/discharge status, charge/discharge curve, high/low termperature.

• Long life cycle over 4000.

• Low power consume design,long standby time.

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