Lithium Motorcycle Starter Battery

High power,High performance,High safety

Product model of Lithium Motorcycle Starter Battery

12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate Battery
12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate Battery

12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate Motorcycle battery

Model NO.12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate

Nominal Capacity: 5Ah
Operating Voltage: 8.4~14.5V
Charging current: ≤10A @25~45℃
MAX.Discharging current: ≤250A/5S
Temperature: -20~60℃
Dimension: 170*86*91(±1mm)
Weight: 1.1Kg
Packaging: Plastic case
Protection: PCM(Customized available)

Model NO. 12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate
Rated Capacity 5Ah
Operation Voltage 12.8V
Charging Current Max 5A
Discharge Current Max 5A
Energy 64Wh
Dimension(mm) 170±1mm
Weight 1.1KG

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Characteristics and advantages of Lithium Motorcycle Starter Battery

Can You Jumpstart a Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Product Features

• Widely used in motorcycles, farming machines, tractors, automobiles, trucks, ships, diesel generators, forklifts, bulldozers and other construction machinery to start machine ignition, instead of conventional lead-acid batteries, higher temperature range adaptability and capacity retention rate.

• IP67 High protection Level, adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

• The inside of the product adopts RoHS environmental protection and 94V0 fireproof insulation protection materials, and the internal heat dissipation design is safe and reliable.

• Tight internal structure design, strong earthquake resistance.

How Long Do Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Last

Super Power

• Low internal resistance main power circuit design.

• 30C ultra-high rate lithium iron phosphate battery.

• IEC62133,UL,UN38.3 Certified.

• Wide temperature adaptability, high power output uninterrupted.

Do You Need a Special Charger for Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Super Long Life

• The battery core has the same initial performance, consistent charging and discharging dynamics, consistent charging and discharging curves, and consistent high and low temperature characteristics.

• The cycle life can reach 4000 times at least.

• Low power consumption design, long standby time.

1.Application of motorcycle starter battery: Used for motorcycle ignition and start, as an alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries.

2.Charateristics of motorcycle battery jump starter: Large capacity, full power can start motorcycle 30-50 times, high-rate output maximum instantaneous current up to 750A, built-in charging and discharging protection, wider operating temperature range: -10°C-85°C, light and convenient, weight and The size is 1/10 of the traditional lead-acid emergency power supply.

3.Lithium motorcycle battery pros and cons:

Lithium motorcycle battery can charge and discharge at a high rate, is safe and stable, adapts to high and low temperature environments, is small in size and light in weight, and has advantages such as long cycle life. The shortcomings are also obvious. Compared with lead-acid batteries, the cost is high; because of the large instantaneous current, there is no suitable BMS solution. At present, the balance board is used or the BMS is not directly used.

4.How long does motorcycle battery jump starter last?

Motorcycle starter lithium battery adopts high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, which has a cycle life of more than 2000 times. Motorcycle starting battery can be started 30-50 times on a single full charge, which can well meet the daily use of motorcycles.

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