How powerful is the PLB rack-mounted UPS lithium battery system?

PLB lithium rack-mounted UPS adopts rack application design and is suitable for protecting rack network equipment such as rack servers and storage products. Rack-mounted UPS is an ideal power supply solution for small-capacity scenarios, which can completely eliminate all kinds of grid problems. It has a high power density design, occupies a small space, and the whole machine operates more efficiently.

The rack-mounted lithium battery system can be easily installed in a 19-inch cabinet (19-inch refers to the installation width of the cabinet, 19-inch is 48.26 cm, which is the industry standard width) and is used with the corresponding UPS or DC power supply, which is convenient for users to install, Maintenance and management have made a breakthrough in broadening the application scope of lithium battery products.

PLB lithium battery UPS power supply 1-3KVA is a standard 19-inch rack-mounted 1U height design, and the depth is different in size according to the built-in lithium battery and external lithium battery, and the structure is compact, especially suitable for network, communication room, etc.

The rack-mounted installation method is superior to the traditional tower UPS power supply in terms of size (small footprint), layout (linking wiring in the cabinet), vision (unification and simplicity), and reliability (prevention of mishandling and miscontact). It meets the requirements of integrated and integrated installation of users.

The lithium battery BMS system adopts three-layer safety prevention and control measures, multiple monitoring, and hierarchical linkage. While ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the entire system, it can also effectively compensate for the impact of the single cell due to inconsistent capacity changes on the cycle life of the entire system.

PLB cells use lithium iron phosphate with stronger safety. During the charging and discharging process, the structure is stable and the voltage is more stable. This kind of battery has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high energy density, high discharge rate, long cycle life, and wide temperature range.

The power distribution system composed of rack-mounted UPS and lithium batteries can flexibly expand parallel battery packs as needed to increase backup time; lithium battery packs can be flexibly connected to UPS hosts of other manufacturers, and support customized lithium battery packs with special specifications.

PLB constantly pursues breakthroughs in the performance of lithium batteries, placing lithium batteries with larger capacity, higher safety, smaller size and longer life into 19-inch standard cabinets. The excellent performance is fully integrated with the compact and flexible features, and it has absolute advantages in terms of size, layout, operation and maintenance, and cost. Therefore, the application field of UPS lithium battery is more extensive, providing more choices for the different needs of customers.

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