Advantages of lithium ion cells

(1)The voltage of polymer lithium cell is high, and the working voltage of single cell is as high as 3.7-3.8V (3.2V for lithium iron phosphate cell), which is 3 times that of Ni-CD and Ni-H cell.

(2)Large capacity, material can reach 150mAh/g above specific capacity, specific energy 3~4 times than NI-CD, 2~3 times as much as Ni-MH.

(3)Long cycle life, generally can reach more than 500 times, or even more than 1000 times, lithium iron phosphate battery cell can reach more than 2000 times.

(4)Good safety performance, no pollution, no memory effect.

(5)The rate of self-discharge was about 2% after one month of storage at room temperature, much lower than that of NI-CD and Ni-MH batteries.

(6)Fast charging and discharging, the capacity of 1C charging for 30 minutes can reach more than 80% of the nominal capacity, and now the phosphorus and iron battery can reach 90% of the nominal capacity charging in 10 minutes.

(7)Working temperature range is high, working temperature is -25~45°C, with the improvement of electrolyte and positive electrode, it is expected to be widened to -40~70°C.

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