Lithium Ion Battery Cell

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Characteristics and advantages of Lithium Ion Battery Cell

Lithium Battery Cells For Sale

High Energy Density, High Consistency

• The specific energy density of LFP battery power cells is 145wh/kg.

• The specific energy density of the ncm cell reaches 230wh/kg.

• Lithium Ion Power Battery industry leader in terms of energy density of lithium ion battery cells for sale.

• High static initial voltage consistency, matching capacity 1%, voltage 2mV, internal resistance 2mΩ.

• Dynamic voltage difference is consistent. The charge-discharge cut-off voltage that power  battery supplier offers is highly consistent.

• High consistency in attenuation trend. After a long cycle, the parameters of lfp battery(for example 26650 cell) are highly consistent.

Power Battery Cell

Long Service Life

• The lithium iron phosphate(lfp battery) high power lifepo cell cycles more than 7000 times.

• Power-type lithium iron phosphate battery/lfp battery cells cycle more than 5000 times.

• NCM cells cycle more than 1500 times.

• LiFePO4 battery cells with more than 12 years calendar life.

• NCM battery that power battery manufacturer provides has more than 10 years calendar life.

Lithium Ion Cells for Sale

High Security

• NO explosions, NO fires, and NO liquid leakage accidents over 200 million shipped cells.

• In-depth research on the basic principles of battery cell thermal runaway, high-safety seperator selection, and automatically cut off the current under high temperature conditions.

• High safety structure design, precise pressure relief device.

• During the manufacturing process of lfp battery, such as 26650 cell, burrs and magnetic metal impurities are strictly controlled.

Strong Environmental Adaptability

• Discharge temperature range of lithium battery cells for sale:  -40~85℃.

• Charging temperature range of lithium ion cells for sale:  -20~60℃.

• Lithium ion battery cells for sale is widely used in various heat and cold areas in the world.

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