Does the Lithium Ion Battery Pack Protection Board Have an Equalization Function

In today's market, there are two methods of balancing and multi-series lithium ion cell systems including traditional passive balancing and automatic balancing. There are some controversies about whether the lithium ion cell pack protection board should have a balancing function. The following are some sharings about lithium ion cell battery.

1.Lithium ion cell must be in a balanced condition

Under the condition that the production of lithium ion cell packs is completed and the storage time is relatively long, because the static power consumption of the protection board circuit is different and the self-discharge rate of each battery cell is different, the voltages of the battery strings forming the entire battery pack are inconsistent, and there is significant Differential pressure. However, under the condition of ensuring the same capacity, the equalization circuit has the effect of equalizing the voltage of the lithium ion cell pack, so as to achieve the full charge and discharge of the lithium ion cell pack capacity, so that the lithium ion cell pack can exert the maximum effect.

2.The situation where the balance of lithium ion cell does not work

Many people think that the balance of lithium ion cell packs will only work in the middle and later stages of use. In fact, when the battery pack is used in the middle and later stages, because the capacity loss of each cell is different, it causes a capacity difference. It is impossible to make up for the cell capacity by maintaining the balance of the board. Therefore, we should understand that the balance of the lithium ion cell maintenance board is Voltage, and capacity cannot compensate.

If the lithium ion cell pack is within 4 strings, it is recommended that it does not have the equalization function, but it is necessary to strictly close the battery configuration and try to achieve the consistency of the battery cell capacity and internal resistance. Lithium ion batteries are afraid of storage, not afraid of use! Lithium ion batteries should be stored in a single unit rather than in a whole group. After the battery pack is assembled, the test should be completed as soon as possible and delivered to the consumer as soon as possible.

When charging a group of lithium ion batteries in series, ensure that each battery is charged in a balanced manner, otherwise the performance and life of the entire group of batteries will be affected during use. Commonly used equalization charging techniques include constant shunt resistance equalization charging, on-off shunt resistance equalization charging, uniform battery voltage equalization charging, switched capacitor equalization charging, step-down converter equalization charging, inductance equalization charging and so on.

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