Electric Sightseeing Car Battery

Part number of sightseeing vehicle:

50.4V 60Ah NCM Battery

Features of sightseeing vehicle:

• Power Lithuim-ion battery Pack
• Use in Sightseeing car, golf cart ect
• Packaging with aluminum case
• Long running life, High stability, Low maintenance costs
• Small, Light, Easy to carry, Highly integrated
• IP54 Rating
• Revers polarity protection
• 3D load-bearing structure design,match many kind of application
• RS485 commnication for stable Data-transmission
• Anti-seismic design in any bad condition
• Low-power consumption,Long standby time
• Cover protection & warning design
• RoHS eco-friendly design
• Pack approved by IEC62619/UN38.3 certification
• Head PC to monitor the pack state in accordance customers' need to adjust spec

Sightseeing Vehicle

1.Specification of sightseeing vehicle

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Model50.4V 60Ah NCM Battery
Model Capacity60Ah
Minimum Capacity (0.5C,A)58.8Ah
Rated Voltage51.1V
Max Charge Voltage58.8V
Cut-Off Voltage39.2V
Standard Charge And Discharge Current30A
Max Continuous Charge Current60A
Max Continuous Discharge Current120A
Weight (Approx. Includes Case)~23.6Kg
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Impedance (Max, At 1000Hz.)≤50mΩ
Factory Voltage≥51.1V
Mode of CommunicationRS485
Charge Method (CC)12A(58.8VCut Off)
Charge Method (CV)58.8V(0.12ACut Off)
Operating Temperature Charging0℃~45℃
Operating Temperature Discharge-20℃~60℃
Operating Temperature Storage-20℃~45℃

2.Bock diagram of sightseeing vehicle

Highly intelligent management of battery packs, safe, reliable and stable performance protection design, impedance tracking and ampere-hour estimation, high-precision SOC, charge balance management, battery data information can be exchanged with PLC through dedicated communication, remote monitoring, online debugging, A dedicated APP monitors the battery status for easy maintenance.

Sightseeing Vehicle

3.Outline Drawing of sightseeing vehicle

The SPCC shell design scheme is full of sense of science and technology. The dual-handle design is convenient for installation and transportation. The output interface is dust-proof and foolproof design to avoid random plugging and short circuit. The three-sided load-bearing three-dimensional design supports multi-sided placement and is suitable for a variety of different models; actual Size: 581mm*187mm*143mm.

Sightseeing Vehicle

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