Key technology analysis of power Lithium ion battery management system BMS

(1) New chip technology

(2) High-precision voltage/current detection technology

(3) Core algorithm and big data

(4) Functional safety development technology

(5) Hardware reliability technology

(6) BMS wireless communication technology

(7) BMS simulation and modeling technology

(8) Test and verification technology

(9) BMS industrial Application technology: Energy storage 

(10) INDUSTRIAL application technology of BMS: echelon utilization/after-sales maintenance

(11) BMS/ motor control/vehicle controller all-in-one integration technology

The important task of the lithium ion power battery management system is to ensure the design performance of the battery system, which can be decomposed into the following three aspects:

(1) Safety, to protect the battery unit or battery pack from damage and prevent safety accidents.

(2) Durability, make the lithium ion battery work in a reliable safe area, extend the service life of the battery.

(3) Dynamic performance, maintain the battery working under the condition of meeting the requirements of the vehicle.

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