The technical advantages of the 48V28.8AH communication energy storage lithium battery

PLB 48V28.8AH communication energy storage lithium battery products have technical advantages. With the construction of 5G infrastructure, the demand for lithium batteries for communications continues to rise. The 48V lithium iron phosphate battery backup power supply for communication is one of the mainstream directions for the development of energy storage batteries for communication base stations. This battery has the characteristics of high energy density, long life, wide operating temperature range, safety and reliability, and can meet the requirements of backup batteries for 5G communication base stations.

Communication base stations will have AC power outages, so they will be equipped with backup batteries for emergencies. The PLB 48V28.8AH communication energy storage lithium battery is designed for a variety of industrial applications. Energy storage lithium iron phosphate batteries have excellent safety performance, high energy density, long cycle life, good temperature performance and reliability, and become a new generation of green energy.


The advantages of PLB 48V28.8AH communication lithium battery:

1. The 48V28.8AH communication lithium battery standard maintenance-free design meets the installation of 19-inch communication cabinets;

2. The communication lithium battery system realizes mass production and is widely used in the new backup power supply system in the field of communication.

3. The battery has high volume specific energy and weight specific energy, and the cabinet is embedded in the installation size. During installation, there are no special requirements for space and load-bearing, which greatly reduces the rental cost of the site;

4. Long cycle life and replacement cycle, the cycle life of iron-lithium single battery is more than 3000 times;

5. The iron-lithium single battery adopts a fully sealed structure, the battery can be placed arbitrarily, no harmful gas emission, safe and pollution-free, and it is a green and environmentally friendly product;

6. The iron-lithium battery has very superior rate discharge performance, and a lower-capacity iron-lithium battery system can be used to meet the occasions of high current discharge;

7. Flexible configuration: multiple iron-lithium battery modules are used in parallel, making it possible for large-capacity communication lithium battery systems to be put into practical applications, which not only improves the output power of the system, but also prolongs the backup time of the system;

8. Strong environmental adaptability, wide operating temperature range, and can operate stably under -10℃~+70℃ temperature conditions for a long time;

9. 48V28.8Ah lithium battery for communication base station provides overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit protection, built-in BMS has various protection and communication functions, and has system operation status and fault alarm display.

PLB has now become a manufacturer of customized lithium battery solutions and products. The design solutions are widely used in military, medical, industrial, power, energy storage, communication, security, transportation, logistics, backup power UPS and other fields. Lithium battery UPS product solutions can be customized one-to-one according to the individualized and diversified needs of customers.

We expect that in the future, lithium iron phosphate batteries will become the main power configuration for many types of communication main equipment and auxiliary equipment. Due to the large number of communication base stations, the future of communication lithium batteries is promising.

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