The advantages of modular UPS over ordinary UPS

The new UPS technology drives the rapid replacement of the market structure with the characteristics of "high frequency" and "modularity". Modular UPS power supply products combine the technical characteristics of traditional tower models and the modularization requirements of modern computer rooms. While realizing modular design It can support the installation method of the rack to ensure the high reliability of the system.

Application scope of modular UPS power supply: It is widely used in various industries such as government, finance, communication, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial taxation, medical and health, energy and power.

1. Double transform online architecture

Regardless of the incoming power quality, the double-conversion on-line architecture provides the best power quality to connected devices and ensures zero conversion time to keep connected devices uninterrupted.

2. Energy saving mode

When the quality of mains power is good, the modular UPS power supply will switch to ECO mode to improve performance. When the quality of the mains power is unstable, the product switches to the mains mode to ensure the best power quality.

3. UPS parallel expansion function

Multiple modular UPSs can be connected in parallel, allowing users to expand to the required load capacity according to their needs, and achieve N+X power redundancy to provide the best power protection.

4. Maintenance bypass switch

Maintenance personnel do not need to turn off the product and connected equipment when servicing the UPS. As long as the operator manually switches the maintenance bypass switch to switch the product to bypass mode, the utility power can be used to supply power to the equipment to ensure uninterrupted system operation.

5. Intelligent battery management technology

This product is equipped with intelligent battery management technology, which can effectively extend battery life through three-stage charging and temperature compensation mechanism.

Many UPSs on the market today claim to be "modular" as long as they contain multiple power bricks, but don't actually offer the features and benefits that are necessary to be truly modular. PLB understands the customer's needs and concerns, adapts the system to the specific requirements of the lithium battery modular UPS market, and creates a solution with true modular benefits.

PLB keeps developing modular UPS system for our clients with our rich knowledge of different application senarios,pls feel free to contact us for details of serial or parallel specifications.

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