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Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co, Ltd. (PLB),

Company Overview

PLB is located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, near Shenzhen city.

PLB Battery provides new energy integration solutions for global customers,focus on the high and middle end of the new energy and energy storage field.Specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of 26650 cylindrical cell and battery pack (system).

With advanced and complete equipment and facilities for R&D and analysis of batteries and battery packs (systems) A excellent and experienced design and technology team of battery cell and battery pack(system) .

Won the qualifications and titles of Guangdong High-tech Enterprise and Advanced Private Enterprise.


The management system has passed IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other certifications.

Products have passed UL, IEC, RoHS, Reach and other international authoritative standards certification.

Core business

Product service

Provide customers with the excellent battery solutions. Excellent and professional technical support and product cycle life service during pre-sales , sales and after-sales.

Specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of 26650 cell and battery pack.

Main Product

26650 cylindrical capacity, lifepo cell, 26650 cylindrical capacity NCM battery,26650 cylindrical high rate(discharge 50C).

Medium and small power battery modules and systems; medium and small energy storage battery modules and systems.

Product with the highly security ,reliability meets the environments and the application requirements.the industry-leading performance.

Established the strong technical support and leading quality guarantee to create high-quality products with excellent performance from product basic R&D,application and process R&D,equipment capabilities ,quality control capabilities ,etc.

PLB insists in service first, customer oriented to provide domestic and overseas customers with good product.

Cell R&D

Insist on independent innovation, forward-looking, scientific and systematic research and development of basic cell technology, product development, and process technology.

With high product reliability and high safety as the core, comprehensive DOE experimental design and verification of design formulas and processes are carried out by Power Long Battery. Improve product performance, product manufacturability.

In-depth study of the cell material mechanism. Material physical and chemical properties, crystal structure, morphology analysis, thermodynamic analysis, thermal runaway research.

Set up a basic research and development material test room of battery cell. Provide sufficient test and analysis conditions and data for material research and incoming material inspection.

Set up a pilot line for research and developmen of lithium ion power batteries. Provide small test and pilot test support for battery cell research and development, trial production of battery cell design ,and new material certification, etc.

Set up battery safety and reliability test room. Plan and execute comprehensive safety, environmental, and electrical performance tests of products.

Most of the R&D team members have more than 15 years of experience, have deep research and development project skills, project management capabilities, and advanced product design concepts.

Battery system R&D

Fully grasp the customer's application scenarios and requirements, and accurately design the module and battery system to meet customer needs.

Research on product mechanical safety and structural stability to meet the needs of various scenarios such as transportation and vibration; research on current field, thermal field, simulation, etc.; research on electronic and electrical performance.

From R&D, design to manufacturing, BMS takes the pursuit of ultimate reliability and stability as the highest principle, and has functions such as parameter detection, battery safety management, balance management, SOC/SOH detection and calculation. It has been widely used in the fields of power and energy storage.

Establish a battery system R&D, smart energy system and test laboratory with comprehensive analysis and testing capabilities for battery modules, battery packs, and BMS. It can meet the requirements of electronics, mechanics, thermal, high and low temperature environment, and aging test. Advanced and complete battery system testing and analysis methods.

The battery system R&D personnel have the ability to deeply research and grasp the needs of customers, and develop personalized, customized and integrated solutions for customers.

Cell Manufacture

Highly automated cell production line:

PLB built highly automated manufacturing line for battery cell to realize the highly automated manufacturing of cells from the start of material feeding to shipment. The manufacturing process of Power Long Battery is stable, reliable, and efficient, ensuring a higher quality advantage of cell products, and at the same time manufacturing Cost advantage. In the manufacturing process of the battery cell, the manufacturing principle is no hand touch the pole piece and the winding core, which ensures the higher safety of battery cell. Focus onand improve the CPK capability in the key process of cell manufacturing, so that to keep the high consistency of battery cell. The company implements lean manufacturing principles and methods, realizes continuous product improvement, and creates products with more cost-effective advantages.

Digital and visualization of cell manufacturing process:

Data-based intelligent management is realized in the cell manufacturing process. Build a comprehensive MES management system and BDM system from raw materials, production processes, equipment status, environmental status, quality management, etc. Build an all-round traceability system for power battery cells. Each battery cell has a unique serial number, including model, batch, production line number, and serial number information, which can be traced back to the corresponding production line, batch, machine, important raw materials, and related quality information.

The cell manufacturing process realizes the visual management of quality and manufacturing data. The production line is equipped with automatic monitoring equipment or devices to conduct online and visual monitoring of the key processes of battery cell manufacturing, and conduct online data statistics, management and control, and display of battery cell products.

Strict battery manufacturing environmental conditions:

High-efficiency dehumidification control, high-cleanness dust control, temperature control, etc., provide process guarantees for the high safety, low self-discharge, and long cycle characteristics of battery cell.

PACK Manufacture

PACK production line with flexibility and automatic:

Considering diversification of PACK customers' products and the characteristics of small batch requirements, the PACK manufacturing line has flexibility and flexible production while achieving automation of key processes.

The production line configuration equipment such as lev fast battery, power battery cells and lifepo4 cells for sale has a high degree of automatic, reliability, stability and high manufacturing efficiency.

The introduction of key process equipment is highly positioned. The module welding adopts automatic equipment spot welding, and the whole series is equipped with Japanese Miya machines, and the welding quality is stable and reliable.

High-precision and comprehensive aging test of the battery pack. The battery pack aging detection equipment has high accuracy, data collection throughout the entire process, and 100% high-precision aging testing of the performance of all finished products.

Perform full performance inspections in multiple processes. The test equipment has stable performance, reliability and high precision.

PACK manufacturing data management:

Built PACK manufacturing MES system (manufacturing execution system) to realize all-round data management of PACK products to ensure that the raw materials, manufacturing processes, equipment, and quality of each PACK product can be fully and fully traced.

Manufacturing environment control of PACK products:

PACK product manufacturing environment carries out strict static control, dust management, 5S management, etc.

PACK manufacturing implements and implements lean manufacturing principles and continuously improves product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

All-round and full-process quality management

Comprehensive quality management

Plan and effectively implement all-round and full-process quality management functions, according to IATF16949 requirement.

New product quality (NPI) management. According APQP、PPAP requirement, strictly implement the quality plan and control of new product, for example, ifr26650 battery and lev 50 batteries.

Raw materials quality management. Strictly control the raw materials quality from supplier qualification management, new materials certification management, raw materials inspection management and other aspects.

Production process quality management. Strictly control the products production quality from equipment, operator, materials, method, environment and other aspect.

Product shipment quality management. Strictly control shipment risk, to pursue zero defect as the goal, extremely low level of customer complaints.

Product after-sales quality management. Complete product after-sales service system and process, product RMA management. Professional and experienced after-sales service personnel. After-sales feedback is fast.

Product quality continues to improve

Carry out 6 SIGMA system improvement method and DMAIC improvement methodology effectively. Implement 6 SIGMA tools such as FMEA,DOE,MSA,SPC and lean manufacturing.

Adhere to high quality brand strategy. Implement the principle of product safety and quality priority, and create comprehensive competitiveness of product quality, technology and cost.

Safety and reliability quality management

Safety and reliability test resources

Establish product safety and reliability laboratory. It is equipped with comprehensive product safety and reliability testing equipment, possessing comprehensive testing and analysis capabilities for product electrical performance, safety, reliability, mechanical, electrical, and environmental performance.

Establish product safety and reliability test standard system. The test standard of PLB Battery meet and exceed IEC62133/IEC62619、UL1973/UL1642、UN38.3、GB31484/GB31485/GB31486 requirements.

Carry out comprehensive testing, analysis and control on the safety and reliability of new products.

Establish product safety and reliability method system. Through rigorous and scientific testing methods, to provide product performance, reliability test data and trends, and then continue to improve product safety and reliability quality.

Safety and reliability quality management

Establish and strictly implement product safety and reliability test cycle and frequency standards.

Execute comprehensive testing, analysis and control on the safety, reliability and quality of new product, for example, lev battery.

Execute the periodic ON-Going test on the safety, reliability quality of mass production products, periodically ensure the safe and reliable quality of the products.

We promise to meet and exceed the safety and reliability requirements of your products in the whole cycle life of the product.

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