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Characteristics and advantages of Motorcyle Starter Battery

Focus onlithium battery system safety, reliability,and so on performance study.Built battery system products with excellent performance, environmental performance, durable life,and high reliability to meet different customers in different industries, PLB customizes solutions with comprehensive competitiveness in technology, quality and cost for customers.

Motorcycle battery

Model NO.:12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate

Nominal Capacity: 5Ah
Operating Voltage: 8.4~14.5V
Charging current: ≤10A @25~45℃
MAX.Discharging current: ≤250A/5S
Temperature: -20~60℃
Dimension: 170*88*92(±1mm)
Weight: 1.1Kg
Packaging: Plastic case
Protection: PCM(Customized available)
• Start power Lithuim-ion battery Pack
• Use in Motorcycle startup
• Charging EQ to longer serivce life
• Long running life, High stability, Low maintenance costs
• Lead-Aicd battery replacement solution
• Fast charging
• Wide operating temperature range
• High discharge rate 50C/3~5 sec
• Low-power consumption,Long standby time
• Small, Light, Easy to carry, Highly integrated
• RoHS eco-friendly design

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